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Are we experiencing the end of fashion seasons?



Why we always like the new season shelf better

than the rest of the clothes hanging in a store?

Who hasn't bought something new season during sales?

I think that this thing about seasons is more of a state of mind than a seasonal issue, that's why in Bobo's we have presented our My Mom Forest Collection, in the middle of August. So that those who are constantly wanting to see new things can get some shoes inspired by autumn, but perfect for any season.

My Mom Ballerinas SS23 Collection
My Mom Ballerinas SS23 Collection


The fashion industry divides the year into two seasons: spring-summer and autumn-winter. In February, the autumn-winter collections are presented and will hit stores at the end of August. In September, the spring-summer collections are presented and will hit stores in February. As Christian Dior said: “Summer is dreamed in winter and vice versa.”

This calendar seems to be becoming obsolete and as my admirer says Eugenia de la Torriente in her latest Letter from the Director in the August issue of VOGUE: 'The fact that the globe seems to have shrunk and that time zones are no longer walls abounds in the dissolution of traditional seasons and of concepts under review such as seasonal clothing.'.

If we add to this that clients no longer want to wait so long to wear the latest thing, that trips allow us to change the climate in just 8 hours and that we increasingly obtain information on what is being worn faster thanks to the Internet, we could affirm that today fashion is more linked to mood than anything else.

At the end of the 80s, the Cruise Collections, designed for upper-class people who, fleeing the cold, chose a cruise through warmer areas as their vacation destination every winter. Nowadays they serve to fill the space between seasons because they really no longer exist as such.

Concepts such as pre-fall have also been normalized, which is not just a collection between summer and autumn, but rather one of the most impressive collections that most determines what will be worn the following season. like our My Mom Forest Collection, a fresh air in the middle of August, inspired by the tones of the forests in autumn, but perfect for any season.

My Mom Leather Ballerinas 4 colors

- CARMINE: Leaves that are dyed red.
- PETROL: Greens that fade little by little.
- SMOKE: The dusty shine of bark, stones and paths.
- VIOLET: That halo that surrounds everything when the cold starts.

That is why I firmly believe that today collections are no longer governed by the weather but by mood. Are you in the mood to wear a little piece of autumn in the middle of summer?
I already have mine!


| By Bobo's Team

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