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Bobo's was born in 2010 as a brand of customized espadrilles. A year later we launched our first line of ballet flats, today the undisputed flagship of the brand.

Since that moment, other iconic models have joined the family, such as the Gatsby heel, inspired by the 20s, classic-style sneakers, our retro jacket or our collection of Greek-inspired strappy sandals...  

Today we sell online throughout Spain and some European countries and in June 2023 we inaugurate our first flagship in Conde de Aranda, 7. A space where even the smell transmits our essence.


At Bobo's we reinvent the classics and that is why we can say that the style of our shoes is timeless, but always with that feminine touch that characterizes us.

Our silhouettes are very identifiable and that is why want some Bobo's It goes beyond wanting shoes, our clients look for our recognizable style and designs that are designed to flatter as much as possible and give an elegant and different touch.

At Bobo's, whoever you are, we have a dancer model for you; deep neckline, pointed toe, high instep, rounded toe, bows, leather, velvet, fringes, studs or bows... each has its own personality.

The authentic charm of Bobo's is unique.


At Bobo's we want to continue fitting women for their daily lives, whether going to work, walking around the city or going to a mid-afternoon event...

Be part of our clients' wardrobe, with a product designed to last and accompany them for a long time. 

At Bobo's, durability and quality are inseparable. Every day, we work to offer products manufactured with great care.


The three values ​​of Bobo's are the pillars of our identity. They are values ​​that we try to transmit every day in everything we do, from design, through communication, to dealing with our clients.

Because these values ​​are the key to our success and essential to continue building the future of Bobo's.

The delicate attention we pay to every detail allows us to have a very feminine and refined product, with a concentration of subtlety that makes it different from any other. Everything we create we do from the very essence of women and for women.

The Bobo's woman is feminine, seductive, delicate, elegant, sensual, wild, urban, intelligent, fun, rebellious and, above all, with her own personality and attitude.

She is a woman who knows that her discretion will not leave anyone indifferent.

At Bobo's we believe that each brand transmits the personality of its creator and that it is that personality with which customers identify. In our case, we are faithful to our uniqueness and that is why each model we design always has that Bobo's touch, romantic and naive with an inimitable style that characterizes the charm of our brand.

For us, demand and care in everything we do are fundamental pillars that help us improve and evolve every day. Professionalism applied to all our processes to always provide the best quality to our clients because we believe that the search for demand is the path to excellence.

In addition, none of our models has seen the light without us having tested it first and being certain that it meets 100% the brand's standards of quality, comfort and style.


Bobo's owes its name to a French restaurant in New York and that is surely why in our DNA there is something of that “Je ne sais quoi” of the French women, who strive to cultivate their discretion so as not to go unnoticed.

In our case, we always design our collections so that wearing Bobo's is a success on any occasion and, furthermore, your shoes do not go unnoticed.

We could say that the choice of our color palette for each season is already a brand seal, which makes our shoes easily recognizable.


Many of our ballerina models are presented as limited edition, we produce only 20 or 30 pairs of some models to make them unique and offer our clients true exclusivity.

If anything sets Bobo's apart, it is that in each collection it surprises with its color proposal, always with some basic tone for the most classic ones and with more risky proposals to put that end to a special look.

This way of working also allows us to ensure our responsibility towards the world of fashion and avoid unbridled consumption.


In 2020 we decided to create a line of timeless models that we repeat every season. They are known as BOBO'S ICONS and are our clients' favorites. These models are produced in stages and are replenished according to demand, a system that allows reasonable production while paying attention to the wishes of our clients.

They are timeless and the goal is that our clients can come and replace them so that they never go out of style.


Behind each of our pieces is the experience and craftsmanship of the many hands through which each pair of our shoes passes.

At Bobo's we can say that after more than 10 years we continue to work with the same people, experts and footwear artisans and that we continue to manufacture 100% of our collections in Spain, thus guaranteeing the survival of a pioneering industry in the world. 

All this makes each collection we launch a handmade work with its own personality.


We reuse the skin of animals coming solely and exclusively from the food industry. We use high-quality materials: cowhide, cross-breed or lamb skins, washed, pre-aged leathers, cotton velvet... All our soles are made of leather and have our logo engraved to ensure that what you are wearing on your feet are Bobo's.


My name is Bárbara Bermejo and more than 10 years ago I created my own footwear brand. I introduce myself. I studied Journalism because I liked telling stories and in the end I ended up developing my professional career telling ideas. The first 15 years of my professional life were linked to the world of advertising, and for the last 5 years I have dedicated myself exclusively to my passion.

Tired of working only on making other brands great, I decided that I should create my own. I was always clear that it had to be something related to fashion, and more specifically to shoes, that garment that completes a look and makes it absolutely elegant or totally casual.

My professional training as a publicist makes me have a highly developed creative and aesthetic sense. Therefore, in addition to designing all the brand's products, I am in charge of everything that has to do with the brand's identity and image.

This is how Bobo's was born, my dream at that time, my reality today.