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| By Bobo's Team

13 guest looks with flat shoes: the trend that says 'goodbye' to heels at events

Main image source: Pinterest Attending an event as a guest is an extraordinary opportunity not only to share special moments, but also to express your style and personality through your clothes. It is a unique opportunity to show off our...

| By Bobo's Team

How to combine wide jeans? 6 different ways to wear this trend

Knowing how to combine the new trend of wide jeans will make you enjoy this new comfortable and at the same time very stylish fashion. These pants have become the coolest trend of the moment. Its casual silhouette is...

| By Bobo's Team

Discover how to combine a white skirt: the must have that cannot be missing in your closet

The white skirt is a timeless classic that should have a special place in your wardrobe. No matter how many years go by, white skirts always occupy a place in the dressing rooms of all generations, adapting to any trend...

| By Bobo's Team

How to tie neckerchief knots? Bandanas and scarves, the new accessory that cannot be missing in your closet

Neck scarves are a versatile and elegant accessory that can add the finishing touch to any outfit. It is the perfect complement and now the final touch that all stylists wear. So you can wear it in different ways,...

| By Bobo's Team

How to combine cowboy boots? 6 look ideas to wear this trendy footwear

The versatility of cowboy boots makes them a fundamental element in any fashion lover's closet. At Bobo's we are clear about it, and that is why we want to give you 6 ideas of looks to wear these shoes in...

| By Bobo's Team

How to clean suede shoes? Discover the steps to follow to make them look like new

At BOBO'S we pay special attention to the selection of the materials and leathers with which we make each shoe. In the case of suede, we always choose the best quality, despite knowing that it is a delicate material. Following...

| By Bobo's Team

How to combine red tights to wear the winter trend with style

Red tights have arrived to dethrone the now classic and eternal black tights. According to experts, this striking bet will be one that makes a difference in style this season. At the moment it seems like a microtrend for...

| By Bobo's Team

The green dress is still a trend and we are going to suggest some ways to combine it with style.

For some years now, green has become the most successful color for dresses and they say that we should all have one as a wardrobe staple. We know that combining a green dress with shoes and bag...

| By Bobo's Team

BOBO’S is inspired by women to present its new collection

ELLAS is the name that the brand has given to the New Campaign that presents the new models for this spring – summer 2019. Bárbara Bermejo, founder of the brand, states that “she always creates from the very essence of...

| By Bobo's Team

Letter from the Designer: 6 basic garments that cannot be missing in any wardrobe

The six items that never go out of style, and that you should have in your closet Having a closet with items that never go out of style is the dream of many women who, like me, seek to always look perfect without having...

| By Bobo's Team

Are we experiencing the end of fashion seasons?

-SEASON OR MOOD- Why do we always like the new season rack more than the rest of the clothes hanging in a store? Who hasn't bought something new season during sales? I...

| By Bobo's Team


-FASHION MADE IN SPAIN- At Bobo's we defend Spanish talent and things well made. At Bobo's we are faithful to our seal - handmade in Spain - and that is why all our designs are made by hand in Spain, which makes...

| By Bobo's Team

What is the fashion that never goes out of style?

Ballerinas with a military print, that print that has remained in our closets for years. There are fashions that come and go and others that resist and become timeless. This is the case of military fashion, a common trend...

| By Bobo's Team

Did you know why our flamenco dancer style ankle boots are called Lola and Gades?

Flamenco Dancer style ankle boots, so you can click with your Bobo's until dawn One of the meanings of the RAE of boot is: “Footwear that covers the upper part of the foot and part of the leg, to which...

| By Bobo's Team

All the keys to differentiate a ballerina from a ballet flat

The dilemma of knowing if what you have on your feet are ballet flats or ballet flats. Don't worry, at Bobo's we do both classes... All of them, and I assure you that I'm not wrong, you have some dancers in the...

| By Bobo's Team

Animal Print Ballerinas. Did you know the origin of this print?

We have all had a garment with an animal print in our closet at some point, and probably something similar to a leopard's skin. An original way to bring out our wildest side. At Bobo's we want your wild side...

| By Bobo's Team

What you didn't know about our ECO bag, new this season.

At BOBO'S we are also concerned about the environment and we have begun to incorporate materials that are more respectful of the planet, such as the recycled leather of our 'Saddlebag'Babieca Bag. Concern for the environment is becoming more and more common...

summer stories
| By Bobo's Team

What's your story? At Bobo's we tell you how our shoe collections come about.

EVERY SUMMER HAS A STORY “When I learned to ride a bike, my first love, the year we met Federica, the first camp abroad…” At Bobo’s we also want each summer to have its story. AND...

Military Camouflage Print
| By Bobo's Team

Military Passion. The print that always returns to our closets.

Has the camouflage print been forgotten or has it never left our closets? At Bobo's we bring it back in our new spring summer collection. It's clear that this trend has come and gone since 2000, and it seems...

glitter ballerinas
| By Bobo's Team

I LOVE GLITTER. Bright ballerinas to wear during the day or at night.

The daily dress code surrenders to glitter and nighttime glamor becomes part of the day. Shiny garments have a place in everyday life and it is increasingly common to see them in...

Different types of Bobo's Ballerinas
| By Bobo's Team

Ballerinas, yes, but with a different aroma

For those who avoid the traditional style of ballerinas. For those in love with classic ballerinas. For those who want to wear the latest trends. At Bobo's we make different dancers, so, no matter what you are, you will find a model for you....

happy 20s
| By Bobo's Team

Happy 20s! The shoe that never goes out of style: T-Strap.

GATSBY COLLECTION, a tribute to the shoes of the 20s. High heels, shorter skirts, long necklaces, fewer corsets and more accessories. Fashion is reinvented and many of the clothes from the Roaring 20s are still...

Image Audrey Hepburn
| By Bobo's Team

'Lady-Like' style by Bobo's. Shoes that will make you feel like a real lady.

Get a 'Lady Like' look with the Audrey leather ballerina model from our Permanent Collection. At Bobo's we once again look to the past to be inspired and make a ballerina with the classic rounded last, low-cut at the instep and...