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At Bobo's we defend Spanish talent and things well done.

En Bobo's We are faithful to our seal - handmade in Spain - and that is why all our designs are made by hand in Spain, which makes each collection we launch a handmade work with its own personality.

For this reason we identify closely with all those brands that are committed to craftsmanship, quality and the Spanish seal like us.

At a time when fashion moves at the speed of light, we prefer to do things slowly and talk about 'slow fashion' to make a difference.

To claim Made In Spain we have decided to celebrate in a particular way our 4th of July 'Spanish style'.

An event in which you can discover 6 Spanish brands that, like us, believe in craftsmanship and 'Made in Spain' to create unique and lasting collections.

And to reward your loyalty, this day we will have special prices and unique promotions for those who come to see us.


For such a special occasion we have chosen an equally special place: THE HACIENDAS CLUB (C/María de Molina, 25).

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful period palaces in Madrid. A unique place, which hides inside a private and wooded oasis in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood and, possibly, the only “urban vineyard” that exists in the city.


Here we leave you the essence of those who will participate in this 4th of July 'Spanish style'.

Bobo's: Shoes and Accessories Handmade in Spain.

The delicate attention we pay to every detail allows us to have a very feminine and refined product with a concentration of subtlety that makes it different from any other.

As Michel Vivien said, “luxury is not just wearing big brands. One has to touch, feel and smell the product.” We encourage you to feel our shoes, we assure you that you will notice a different aroma.

Mills: Men's swimwear.

In 2014, Ignacio Trenas and Ricardo García, while enjoying a day by the sea, set themselves the challenge of becoming a reference brand in swimwear thanks to their fresh prints full of explosive hues. 4 years later they have achieved it.

Bite the BaitWardrobe essential for any man.

Can a brand led by women dress men? This is the question that the Losa sisters, Elena and Patricia have surely had to face more than once, who together with the designer Marina Vergés shaped this fashion brand that since 2016 has claimed Bermuda shorts as part of the male wardrobe background.

MimicUnique leather backpacks.

Behind this name are María and Yolanda, two twin economists, who found inspiration in Berlin in 2013, where they lived at that time. It was there where the idea of ​​designing the product that gave birth to the brand arose. The reinvention of a classic. A backpack, made of leather and suede, with braided cord closure, unisex, urban and functional. Designed under a basic pattern but where the material and prints make it a versatile piece with its own style.

vervain madridDifferent accessories. Unique and unrepeatable pieces.

Verbena is an expression of the new luxury. The definition of this concept is high craftsmanship. It is about valuing and understanding the importance of detail, of what has been made exceptionally for you and very few people own.

VERBENA is an attitude of joy and celebration towards life. Lights, dances, freedom and fun. Too much fun.

Coffee Leathe Supply: Leather items.

Search for authenticity, passion for small details and respect for things well done.

Their products are handmade by the best artisans in Spain, in Ubrique, using premium Spanish 100% vegetable tanned leather. They define his work like this: “we do what we feel and we feel what we do. “We are a brand created by extremely curious people, focused on satisfying exquisitely authentic people.”

MuscariThe most beautiful flowers in Madrid.

Flower shop in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood where you can find the most beautiful flowers in the city. The store is directed by Natalia Palacios and is a cozy place, where every day compositions of bouquets and centerpieces are created with ideal flowers that really last, to decorate every corner of your house.


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