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Heeled shoes

En Bobo's you will be able to find the perfect height for your heel.

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From the 2cm kitten, 4cm miss or our Gatsby model so you can dance from above.

Comfortable women's heels

In the eternal search for high-heeled shoes for perfect events there is a factor (in addition to aesthetics) of utmost importance; that they are comfortable. It is true that talking about comfortable and beautiful shoes can be complicated, however, there is a common denominator that provides large doses of comfort: the heel.

En Bobo's We have high heels of different heights so you can choose the ones you like the most.

Kitten heels: sensible heel trend

Make a style statement with this footwear trend and join those who opt for a tiny heel, but enough to style. The Kitten heel encapsulates sophistication and elegance like no other. They are the perfect height to be worn at a daytime event, but also for a nighttime event. Retro-inspired pants and low heels have become the star pieces for any event.

4 centimeter heel shoes: don't give up comfort with the low heel

En Bobo's We add centimeters to one of our ballerina models without losing comfort, with our sensible lady heel you can look impeccable without giving up comfort. Discover the perfect harmony between style and comfort with our sensible heeled shoes, those 4 centimeters that do make a difference.

8 centimeter heel shoes: elevate your style

Transform your look and add a touch of glamor to your wardrobe. Our collection of 8 cm high heels offers you just the right height to look slim and sophisticated. Its versatile design allows you to stand out at any event, providing a touch of class to your unique style.

Heels for events: elegance and well-being

Medium-heeled shoes claim the most sophisticated femininity and give our steps a break. Now it is possible to find the balance between elegance and well-being, especially at events where you have to be elegant but cannot sacrifice comfort. In Bobo's You can choose between several heel heights, for the moment you need one or the other.

Court shoe with medium heel: perfect steps

Discover the magic of each step with our mid-heeled court shoes. The mid heel gives you the right height to flatter your figure, while allowing you to walk with confidence all day long. From work meetings to social events, these shoes adapt to any situation. Their classic and timeless design makes them the perfect complement to your wardrobe, adding a touch of sophistication to every step.

20's type shoes: Retro Glamor

Step into the golden era of the Charleston with our strappy heeled shoe that will add retro glamor to any of your looks. Our Gatsby heel shoe is inspired by the 20s and its classic and slightly vintage last makes it eternally elegant and very fashionable today.