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Women's ballerinas

En Bobo's We reinvent women's ballet flats, and whatever you are, you will find a model made especially for you.

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Original women's ballerinas: elegance in every step

Comfortable, stylish and perfect to combine with any outfit. Our original women's ballet flats are versatile and comfortable footwear that adds a unique touch to your style. If you are looking for the most original alternatives, opt for our most daring ballet flats, color combinations or creative patterns. They are the perfect complement to express your personality through your footwear and ensure elegance in every step.

Women's flat shoes for any occasion: classic and modern

Women's flats are the most versatile footwear: ideal for any occasion. In our collection we have classic and elegant models for more formal occasions, such as work meetings or social events, or you can also find modern flats, with interesting textures and striking colors, for a more casual look. Don't give up style or comfort.

Comfortable ballerinas: flat shoes for everyday life

We combine elegance with comfort. When choosing comfortable ballet flats for everyday use, it is important that you take into account that the materials are soft and flexible, that they fit well to your feet and that they provide long-term comfort and durability. En Bobo's We design and make our footwear with the aim of pampering your feet and offering maximum comfort. Our ballerinas have leather soles. 

Types of perfect ballerinas depending on the occasion: accessories and materials

A dancer for every occasion: a timeless model in a multitude of versions. Fine toe, round toe, low-cut, tied at the ankle, with bows or studs, suede with fringes, colored velvet... In Bobo's You can choose from a multitude of different ballerina models.

Studded ballerinas

Informal nights, events and parties. The studded ballerinas provide a modern and different touch. If you are looking for a super rock style, these ballet flats are the ideal option for you.

Ballerinas with bow

Ballerinas for elegant daytime occasions. The bow adds a very feminine and sophisticated touch if you have a daytime event.

Dancers with ropes

Tie them to your ankle! Those ballet flats with a bohemian touch, perfect for a relaxed and casual style combined with long dresses or satin skirts.

Low-cut ballerinas

Low-cut ballet flats stylize your legs, making your figure longer. That kilometric instep that shows the beginning of the toes makes this type of ballet flats the favorite to wear with pants.

ballet dancers

Our classic ballerina model that is reminiscent of traditional ballet dancers They are a perfect option to emulate that French style that we like so much.

Chanel type ballerinas

Our ballet flats with contrasting toes are already a unique hallmark of the brand. They remind us of that classic and iconic model that is still so desired by the Chanel brand.

Women's leather ballerinas

Ideal for formal events and special occasions. The leather provides a touch of luxury, ideal for more elegant or professional events.

Leather ballerinas for women

Versatile and durable. Leather ballet flats are appropriate for different informal events and are comfortable for everyday wear.

Suede ballerinas for women

Suede adds a soft and casual touch, suitable for more relaxed and friendly situations.

Women's glitter ballerinas

Glitter adds a festive touch, perfect for occasions where you want to stand out and add a touch of fun to your look.

Women's suede ballerinas

Split leather provides a more textured and casual look, pperfect for less formal and comfortable situations.

Quality materials: women's leather ballet flats

If you are looking for quality in a shoe, women's leather ballet flats are the perfect option. All our ballerinas are manufactured in Spain with the best materials to offer durability, comfort and a timeless style that lasts over time. You can find women's ballet flats made of cowhide, lamb, suede, suede, cotton velvet, glitter...

Manoletinas, Frenchies and Mary Janes for women: style without limits

En Bobo's We have our particular version of ballet flats, ballet flats, Frenchies and Mary Janes or Mery Janes. There are three types of shoes that are suitable for countless occasions.

Flats are flat shoes without heels, ideal for daily use. French shoes, closed with a strap on the instep, are versatile and can be adapted to formal occasions. Mary Janes, with a strap around the ankle, offer a feminine touch and are suitable for both casual and semi-formal events. Each style has its own uniqueness, providing options for different occasions and personal tastes. Comfort is key and each shoe is unique. Of course, go for a style that lasts over time!

Ballerinas for women: colors and prints

The most sought after women's flat shoes are usually those in neutral colors such as black or beige, en Bobo's We have a wide variety of colors and prints, from the most basic to the most striking and colorful.

Stylish and comfortable ballerinas

You don't have to give up comfort to wear stylish shoes. En Bobo's We work hard on our lasts so that they adapt to all foot types, wide and narrow. And the use of very soft leather guarantees comfort so that you can wear our shoes from the moment you get up until you return from work.