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How to clean suede shoes? Discover the steps to follow to make them look like new


En BOBO'S We pay special attention to the selection of the materials and leathers with which we make each shoe. In the case of suede, we always choose the best quality, despite knowing that it is a delicate material. 

Following our philosophy of responsibly purchasing timeless pieces that last over time, we are going to tell you how to extend the life of your BOBO'S before

What is suede?

Suede is a kind of soft and delicate material, obtained from the inner layer of the skin and unlike the leather that we usually see in footwear, it has a matte and furry appearance. In BOBO'S We have several models made of this material and that is why we are going to tell you how to clean them.

What to clean suede shoes with?

Cleaning suede shoes requires the use of specific products and materials for this type of material. You can find many options if you search on the internet: brushes, spray cleaners, water protectors... special care. Most of us are used to taking care of all our shoes, but we have to be especially careful with those made of this material. Therefore, it is essential to use products designed specifically for this type of material, such as suede brushes, textile cleaners and protectors for said material.

Cleaning suede shoes: types of stains

Before cleaning your suede shoes,  You must take into account the type of stain on the suede and the shoe in question., since not all of them are the same. Pay attention to each of these and know the aspects that we take into account in BOBO'S.

dust and dirt

If dust and surface dirt are causing the stain, we recommend brush gently with a suede brush to remove said surface stain. This way, you can clean your shoes easily.

Scuffs and footprints

If the stain on the suede has to do with scratches and footprints, you should use a mild textile cleaner. To do this, you must apply it with a soft cloth and rub carefully on the stains in question. Be patient!

Grease, oil and moisture

Grease, oil and moisture are more difficult stains to remove. In this sense, there are some home remedies aimed at absorbing grease or moisture. One of those tricks is to use talcum powder or cornstarch, and then gently brush the shoe.


Lastly, paint stains can also affect your suede shoe. If you want to remove this type of stains, We recommend that you remove the paint carefully.. To do this, you must use a damp cloth or a cotton swab with a specific cleaner.

How to clean suede shoes: steps to follow

If you have any of the above stains on your suede shoes, you are probably now wondering how to clean them. If so, then We show you all the steps to follow so that they are like new.

Brush the shoe

First of all, you need to brush the shoe. Use a suede brush to remove dirt and dust from the surface. This step is essential to remove any dust that may accumulate on the shoe.

Apply a textile cleaner

Afterwards, you should apply a textile cleaner. In this step, you have to apply the textile cleaner with a soft cloth, working on stains gently and evenly. Textile cleaner is very important to avoid damaging the suede.

Rinse the shoe

In the third step, it is time to lighten the shoe. We recommend you use a damp cloth to remove cleaner and stains. Of course, you must make sure not to get the suede too wet, otherwise you could damage the shoe.

remove excess water

Subsequently, remove excess water. Using a dry cloth, remove any excess water. to prevent the suede from being damaged, as we have told you in the previous step.

Comb the shoe

In the next step, style the shoe. For it, you should brush the shoe in the direction of the suede fibers to restore its smooth and uniform texture. When brushing, the direction you give to these fibers is very important.

Let the shoe dry

Then, let the shoe dry. In this sense, we recommend let the shoes air dry naturally. Of course, it is important to avoid direct exposure to the sun or intense heat.

Brush the shoe and apply the protector

Lastly, brush the shoe again and apply the protector. To do this, you will have to wait until the suede shoe is completely dry. Thanks to the protector you will be able prevent future stains and damage.

How to clean light suede shoes?

Likewise, if your suede shoes are light, The steps to follow for cleaning are the same as those we have told you previously.. Following the step by step in question, we are sure that your suede shoes will look great and ready to continue being the star element of your outfit, we do not want you to lose the elegance that characterizes you.

Cleaning suede shoes: benefits

If you are going to clean your suede shoes regularly, you should know that it has numerous benefits. Firstly, Cleaning helps maintain the original appearance of the shoe, since it preserves its softness and flexibility. Furthermore, this constant care contributes to prolonging the life of shoes, avoiding premature wear and possible damage. On the other hand, proper cleaning also prevents the accumulation of stains and dirt, ensuring that the shoes retain their elegance and style. Finally, such regular maintenance not only improves the aesthetics of suede shoes, but also also protects your footwear investment, ensuring that they look like new for a long time and maintain your style.

Homemade tricks to clean suede shoes

In addition to the above, it is true that there are homemade tricks to clean suede shoes. Some of these homemade tricks are using white vinegar diluted in water to remove stains or applying talcum powder to absorb grease. Despite this, We will always recommend using specific products for this purpose., since if you do not carry out the cleaning with caution you could damage your favorite shoes, and we do not want this to happen!

In short, learning how to clean suede shoes is very important so that your shoes always look like new. However, to tell the truth, its maintenance is very simple, so you have nothing to worry about. In this post, we have told you everything about this matter. If you are thinking of buying some suede shoes, don't forget to take a look at the great selection we have available of this type of shoes in our store. Which are yours Ballerinas favorites? Step safely again!


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