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How to tie neckerchief knots? Bandanas and scarves, the new accessory that cannot be missing in your closet


The neck scarves They are a versatile and elegant accessory that can add the finishing touch to any outfit. It is the perfect complement and now the final touch that all stylists wear. So that you can wear it in different ways, we are going to tell you how to tie different knot styles, so you won't be able to resist to wear trendy scarves.

En BOBO'S we show you the best tips on how to knot handkerchiefs collar for women and we also want to give you our vision about why you should incorporate this accessory into your look, you're going to be divine! We are clear about it, we believe that a good scarf cannot be missing from your closet.

Women's neck scarf knots: 6 ideas to complete your outfit with an elegant touch

Choose between different types of knots neck scarves for women It may seem like a complicated task. How many of you happen to love scarves but don't know which knot to choose? To help you in the choice, en BOBO'S We show you 6 knot ideas so you can complete your outfit with a different and stylish touch. We are sure that one of these will adapt perfectly to your style.

Basic knot scarf

The basic knotted scarf is one that exclusively has a knot made with the ends. Although it is the most basic shape, for us it is perhaps the most chic shape, especially if you wear our bandana with an embroidered heart on the ends that will give the finishing touch to the scarf. This scarf will be ideal for any occasion!

Here we leave you photos of how the different colors look.

Bobo's 100% Cotton Embroidered Bandana


Our embroidered bandana It is also perfect to tie in your hair and make a ponytail. A very fun way to wear this accessory. In this video you can see it better!

Bow knot neck scarf

Another way is to tie the scarf around the neck with a bow knot. In this type of knotting, instead of tying a knot at the end, you must directly tie a loop according to your preferences. This idea is perfect if you want to add a more flirtatious and feminine touch to your outfit.

Source: Street Style Pinterest

Cowboy style scarf

In the cowboy style scarf, You must do the knot at the back, That is, you will have to tie it at the neck, since the fabric of this scarf will rest on the front.

Source: Street Style Pinterest

Neck scarf with ring

The neckerchief with ring It does not have any knots, since thanks to the ring, or a hoop, it can adjust to your neck perfectly. This way of wearing the scarf is ideal for adding a more modern touch to your look. Don't be afraid to take risks!

Scarf around the neck without a knot in sight

Finally, you can also opt for a neck scarf without a visible knot. In this case, You must knot the ends and put them under the fabric so that it is invisible in view of your friends. You will surely love this option.

How to tie knots in women's neck scarves? Steps to follow to be able to show them off

Once you know all the knots that you can incorporate into your scarves, it is important that you know how to tie neck scarves knots for women. For it, We show you the steps to follow that you must carry out yes or yes to show them off like never before.

Prepare your favorite scarf

The first step is to prepare your favorite scarf. It is essential not only to keep an eye on the latest trends, but also to take into account the look you have prepared. The scarf has to be an element that is in line with the rest of the outfit. You can take risks with the color, the prints, the way you tie it... Feel free!

Choose the rest of the accessories

Later, choose the rest of the accessories. These should also match the scarf you wear around your neck.. Furthermore, if you are going to tie it with a ring or hoop, in this step you will also have to choose this element, which is very important in this case, and you cannot leave it to improvisation.

Fold the scarf so you can put it on

The next step is to fold the scarf so you can put it on. Depending on the type of knot you choose, you will have to fold it one way or another. Here are the most common ways to fold your scarf:

  • Basic knot scarf: Fold a small square scarf in half and diagonally to form a triangle. Starting from the vertex, roll it into a thin, flat piece. Place the scarf around the neck with a single wrap (two if it is very long) and tie it with a strong knot around the neck. Twist it to give it your style!
  • Bow-knot scarf: If you want to put a bow knot on it, you will have to fold it as in the previous case. This way, it will be ideal for you!
  • Cowboy style scarf: For the denim style, you will have to fold the scarf also in the shape of a triangle. Once it has the appropriate shape you should put it around your neck. Remember, in this case the triangle goes in the front.
  • Scarf with ring or hoop: If you want to insert the scarf into a ring or hoop to adjust it in a more modern way, you will have to fold the scarf into a thin strip. It should be rectangular in shape.
  • Scarf without a knot in sight: Lastly, if you want to wear a scarf without a visible knot, you will have to fold it in half (in the form of a strip). Afterwards, you will have to pass it from front to back, and then bring the ends back to the front and place them under the fabric to tie them.

Tie it however you prefer and you're ready to go!

The last step has to do with tying your scarf. Do it however you prefer or choose the method that makes you feel safest. Once you have it tied and snug around your neck, you're ready to go. We assure you that your outfit will have a very different style, with much more personality.

Place a women's neck scarf, why wear this accessory in your look?

En BOBO'S We recommend you wear this accessory in your look for many reasons. The main one is because You will give this look a unique style and superlative elegance and sophistication.. In addition, we show you other reasons why to wear a scarf:

  • Versatility: Another reason is that scarves provide extraordinary versatility to your outfit. In addition, you can adapt the scarf to any occasion.
  • Personality: Likewise, neck scarves allow you to show your personality and creativity by playing with different colors, prints and textures. So this reason is one to take into account.
  • Functionality: Finally, functionality is another reason to wear a scarf. That is, in addition to being a fashion accessory, these can also keep you warm in winter or protect you from the sun on the hottest days.

In short, neck scarves They are always ideal. Now that you have learned how to tie them, you have no excuse to experiment in your next looks. En BOBO'S we have the women's neck scarves more exclusive. We want you to add that touch of elegance and sophistication that we are sure will look great at any time of your day. Live, take risks and add color with our scarves!


| By Bobo's Team

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