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All the keys to differentiate a ballerina from a ballet flat


The dilemma of knowing if what you have on your feet are ballet flats or ballet flats. Don't worry, at Bobo's we make both kinds...

All of you, and I assure you that I am not wrong, have some ballet flats in your closet, new or used. A women's shoe that has been with us for years and that never goes out of style: for its comfort, elegance, youthful touch, versatility to combine, and they have it all!

But what do you really call them?

Its origin dates back to the beginning of the 19th century as dance shoe -classical ballet dancerswhich was later adapted for the street with Audrey Hepburn as the main banner. In fact, there are those who even call them slippers, For the movie.

But I am convinced that you have also heard them called ballet flats,  Frenchies o Mary Janes. The same shoe but with a slight variation in each one. And at Bobo's we have them all, one for every type of woman. With which you stay?

To begin with, manoletina is the contribution Made in Spain to the dancers. Its origin dates back to 1940. At that time, one of the most illustrious bullfighters had a variant of the ballet flats made, with a rounded instep, an elastic band and a sole half a centimeter high. Manuel Laureano Rodríguez Sánchez, better known as Manolete, had unknowingly created a fashion icon that lasts almost 80 years. In fact, the most famous pass that Manolete gave to the bulls he fought was also known as manoletina.

The ballet flats, like the rest of the ballerinas, stand out for their comforty elegance. A women's shoe that never disappoints and serves both to be comfortable and informal and to be elegant on a special night, always with a timeless character.

In addition to the classic ballet flats and ballet flats, in our collection you can find the Frenchies. These are characterized by having a bow or decoration on the tip. On the other hand, Mary Janes have a strap or loop above the instep. This name is due to María de las Mercedes de Orleans, known as Merceditas.

All these dancers that we have inherited from the 19th century We continue manufacturing at Bobo's, with different tones, textures and skins that adapt to the fashion of each season. We invite you to visit our website –– to discover all our lasts. Dancers, Manoletinas and Frenchies YES; but with a different aroma.



| By Bobo's Team

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