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Did you know why our flamenco dancer style ankle boots are called Lola and Gades?


Flamenco dancer style ankle boots, so you can click with your Bobo's until dawn

One of the meanings of the RAE of booty is: “Footwear that covers the upper part of the foot and part of the leg, to which it is attached with buttons, buckles or straps.” And by bailaor we understand that it is a “flamenco music dancer”.

If we merge these two meanings we have our Dancer Ankle Boots. Women's ankle boots made of leather that will make you want to walk, dance and tap your heels, not just flamenco, but any sound that passes through your ears.

Flamenco is a typically Spanish musical genre that dates back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Its origin enjoys some controversy and several theories circulate so it has not been possible to demonstrate it historically. A minor issue that has not prevented flamenco from crossing our borders and being known throughout the world.

Not only for her singing and dancing, but also for her costumes. The flamenco fashionhas crossed borders and has served as an inspiration for many international fashion collections. It is not uncommon to see ruffled skirts or polka-dotted shirts on the catwalks.

At Bobo's we have also been inspired by something as close to us as flamenco to make our Bailaor bottles, made entirely of leather and by hand.

Tap to the rhythm of Bobo's

Maybe you didn't know that flamenco shoes are an essential part of the rhythm when used as a percussion instrument. That's why we want you to keep clicking your heels when you put on our shoes. Dancer Ankle Boots.

Like our most emblematic flamencos, Lola Flores and Antonio Gades, clicked. Characters that have served to give names to our two models: the nude color, feminine and strong (Lola) and the maroon color, with personality and sobriety (Gades).

Our boot is our particular reinterpretation of the boot normally worn by men for dancing. With its Cuban heel you will enhance your figure and make you walk with a firm step on the tablao of life.

Fashion is not incompatible with comfort

Dance shoes play a very important role in the health of the dancer's foot and we wanted to convey that to the Dancer Ankle Boots, based not only on aesthetic criteria but also on the comfort of this type of footwear and its last.

An artisanal manufacture, with our seal handmade in Spain and with a solid structure that allows our coils a long life.

We Dance?


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