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What you didn't know about our ECO bag, new this season.


En BOBO'S We are also concerned about the environment and we have begun to incorporate more environmentally friendly materials such as recycled leather from our Bag 'Saddlebag'fool.

Concern for the environment is increasingly common within companies and in the fashion industry there is even talk of 'Sustainable Fashion'.

This new concept has even become a strategic point for some brands such as Stella Mcartney o H&Mwho build their brand discourse around this concept.

Our interest in a more sustainable world is closely related to what our clients demand of us. It is increasingly normal for consumers to be people with a high environmental awareness, who look for materials in their purchases that fit their way of thinking: organic food, an electric car, ecotourism...

That's why we have created our first ecological or recycled leather product.

"Experts indicate that only 13% of a leather is of first quality, 43% is considered good quality and the rest is waste."

Recycled or regenerated leather is obtained thanks to a conscientious selection of cowhide fibers from the tanning process, when the skins are divided to equal their thickness, a material that until now was discarded.

After binding these leather fibers with natural latex, recycled leather is obtained with a real leather finish. A highly flexible material, with finishes with high levels of resistance, with a warm and pleasant touch and with the typical smell of the most select natural leathers.

Thus, the composition of the product has 75% leather fiber and 25% latex, tanning agents and oils from greasing and tanning the leather.

Recycled leather with natural leather fibers used by BOBO'S It has the most important certifications on the market: Oeko-tex Standard 100 (product class IV), British Leather Confederation, Leather Research Laboratory (University of Cincinnati) and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

Because being beautiful can also be an act of responsibility...


| By Bobo's Team

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