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Animal Print Ballerinas. Did you know the origin of this print?


We have all had a garment with an animal print in our closet at some point, and probably something similar to a leopard's skin. An original way to bring out our wildest side. At Bobo's we want your wild side to come out again, and what better way to do it than with the Ballerinas 1950 Leopard, Cebrina y Jaguar, made with natural hair with three different prints and lined in leather.

And it's not that we have invented anything new. The animal print emerged in the cave era when they used animal skins to protect themselves from the cold. Later, in the Middle Ages, European royalty and the bourgeoisie incorporated it as a sign of social status and wealth.

But it was not until the 20s when leopard print, the most iconic of this animal print, began to be used. American actress Gloria Swanson She was the first actress to use fur as part of her wardrobe.

In the 50s the top model Betty Page She wore a swimsuit in Paris with this type of print that captivated designer Christian Dior to transform it into a chic garment that has lasted for decades. That is why our leopard ballet flat belongs to the collection of that wonderful decade in the world of fashion.

In the 60s, fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Elisabeth Taylor, Sofía Loren and Grace Kelly fell in love with this print and could be seen wearing leopard skin coats. In the 70s came the democratization of this print that could already be seen on all types of accessories. And not only the leopard, but also the zebra, tiger or snake.

From then until now we have all been caught up in the animal world that gives a distinctive touch to our outfit. That's why at Bobo's we have designed women's ballet flats that will make you look truly fierce.

As soon as you put on our Leopard skin ballet flats –1950 leopard– You will see how you have to start dressing from the feet. That's why we recommend that you don't mix them with other prints. Combine this print with solid colors, black, brown, beige or camel. These women's shoes will give life to your look and will make you the center of attention.

And now also ballet flats with a zebra print and a jaguar finish. Which will be the fiercest in the jungle?


| By Bobo's Team

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