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13 guest looks with flat shoes: the trend that says 'goodbye' to heels at events


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Attending an event as a guest is an extraordinary opportunity not only to share special moments, but also to express your style and personality through your clothes. Is a unique opportunity to show off our best outfit and show our style, whether with an elegant dress, a sophisticated outfit or following the latest trends

To this end, BOBO'S We consider that it is important to take into account some aspects such as the type of event or its location. This way, you can select the most appropriate footwear, and always seek the balance between style and comfort.

Guests with flat shoes: elegance and comfort

Flat guest shoes are comfortable and elegant. And they can also be ideal for any event. Especially for those that are long and where you will be standing or walking for a long time. In BOBO'S We have many models of ballet flats so that, whatever your outfit is, you will find a perfect model to be comfortable without sacrificing style. Gone is the idea of ​​having to wear a high heel to go ideally to a wedding or party.

We are sure that if you know how to combine this type of shoes in your outfit, you will be able to dazzle everyone, no one will miss your high shoes! Can't you imagine how your favorite look can look with a flat shoe? Don't worry.

Flat shoe guest look: 13 looks to dazzle at your next event

These are the 13 guest looks with flat shoes what we propose to you in BOBO'S. Get ready for your next event!

tulle dress and Ballerinas glitter ballet

Tulle could be one of those most seen materials at a wedding and, many times, it is the bride who wears it. There are more and more brides who opt for a flat shoe, so we suggest adding metallic and shiny accessories. You can combine your favorite dress with our Classic Glitter Chanel Silver Ballerinas or with the Classic Glitter Chanel Gold Ballerinas.

Source: Pinterest

The most magical night with sandal Greek

If you need an outfit for a magical night, you can choose to complete your look with some sandals Greeks. In this case, we recommend a killer dress and include some Milos Nude Sandals or Santorini Gold Sandals. Both options are ideal to shine and catch everyone's attention like never before.

Source: Pinterest

All the shine rises to your kitten

The third look is designed to shine at the most sophisticated and exclusive events. Perfect for the night, you can incorporate your Kitten Cebrina Ballerinas to your outfit with a shiny strap midi dress in metallic tones.

Source: Pinterest

Two pieces + metallic accessories

One of the most successful looks for communions or baptisms is a two-piece with metallic accessories. You can go for a skirt and a blazer with our Ballerinas 1950 Isabella Silver or our Ballerinas 1950 Isabella Gold.

Source: Pinterest

Morning and afternoon event

If you need a more casual outfit for the morning, we recommend that you opt for a white dress with our Iggy Gold Ballerinas. If the event is in the afternoon, you can opt for a floral dress with a strapless neckline and our Mustard Fuseta Sandals. Both combinations are ideal for spring and summer.

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Midi jewel dress Ballerinas black

The next outfit is more elegant than the previous one. Ideal for events where greater etiquette is required. In this case, you can opt for a dress in fluid pink tones and black details, combined with our Kitten Runaway Black Ballerinas or 1950s Cat Black Party Ballerinas. We love it!

Source: Pinterest

look with sandals strip

Simplicity can also be sophistication. Combine our sandals Strappy is a great option if you want to be comfortable, yet well-groomed. For this occasion, we recommend our Teodora Black Sandals or our Teodora Leather Sandals.

Source: Pinterest

Silk chiffon and nude accessories

If you need an outfit for the night that is long, you can opt for a silk chiffon dress with nude accessories. You can complement this dress with our Dancers Micaela Makeup, with the Ballerinas 1950 Nude Pink or with our My Mom Peach Ballerinas.

Source: Pinterest

Color contrast

For those of you who are more daring, we recommend this color contrast. We want you to bet everything on your footwear, to make it the center of attention of your outfit. You can choose our My Mom Ambar Ballerinas or our My Mom Ocher Ballerinas.

Source: Pinterest

The year of transparencies

Transparencies are more trendy than ever. In these looks, the dress will have a very important role. Therefore, we recommend combining it with more basic footwear, so it won't overshadow your dress. In BOBO'S we have at your disposal our Micaela Black ballerinas. They are ideal, right?

Source: Pinterest

An informal touch for a daytime event

On the other hand, if you need an informal touch for a daytime event, we recommend completing your look with our Mary Jane Cecile Make Up Ballerinas. These are perfect to give a different look to your outfit.

Source: Pinterest

Silk and chiffon with black accessories

Silk and chiffon are also an alternative to take into account. Flowing dresses of this type are ideal for warmer days. You can add an extra touch of sophistication with our 1950s Cat Black Party Ballerinas, 1950 Runaway Black Ballerinas o Micaela Black ballerinas.

Source: Pinterest

Dress with volume and accessories in neutral tones

Finally, the last look that we recommend in BOBO'S It is perfect for more sophisticated events. You can join the trend of voluminous dresses and accessories in neutral tones. Complete your outfit with our My Mom Camel Ballerinas.

Source: Pinterest

As you have seen, the possibilities are endless. Impressive, right? Now you are ready to join this trend and opt for flat shoes for your most important events. Never give up comfort for style again! In BOBO'S we have the Ballerinas more chic and the footwear more sophisticated for add the personality it needs to your outfit. Choose your BOBO'S and go to your next event with a safety and unique style. Keep walking strong!


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