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Women's sandals

En BOBO'S We have a collection of Greek style sandals so you can choose the style you like best for the occasion.

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Roman sandals and Greek sandals: choose your favorites

Following the philosophy of making timeless shoes, in BOBO'S We present one more summer our collection of Roman and Greek sandals. Greek and Roman-inspired flat sandals are a safe bet for their comfort and cool feel.

This type of sandals are characterized by a delicate and light design, its intertwined straps and its completely flat sole. A shoe that mixes comfort to face the routine on hot days with large doses of style and a certain sophisticated air.

Women's leather sandals: quality and beauty

Our women's sandals have unique quality and beauty. All our sandal models They are 100% leather, both the straps and the soles are made of leather. So if you are in love with leather sandals or leather sandals, we are sure that you will love them. The softness and durability of the leather will provide you with unmatched comfort.

Summer sandals: complete your hippie and boho chic outfit

Simple flat sandals, with a timeless air and a Greek or Roman style, are those shoes that you won't want to take off this summer. If you want to give a hippie or boho chic touch to your looks, these are the perfect sandals.

No matter what your style is, We are convinced that they will complete your outfit in a unique way. It's time to embrace the free spirit with our most vibrant collection!

Types of sandals ideal for any look: colors and accessories

In our collection of sandals you can find many styles, in metallic colors, black sandals, mustard, with buckles, neutral colors, with braided straps, tied to the ankle or with studs... In BOBO'S You can choose from a multitude of different sandal models.

Nude sandals

Nude sandals are one of those basics that every woman should have in her shoe rack. These sandals offer a subtle and sophisticated touch and it will give you the feeling of going barefoot.

Mustard sandals

Mustard sandals, with their warm and striking tone, are ideal for stand out and add a touch of unique style to your summer look.

Black sandals

Our black sandals are the perfect combination for summer nights. A basic to accompany you in your suitcase all summer. 

Brown sandals

The brown sandals that you can combine with everything, no matter if you are walking around the city or enjoying the beach, they are ideal!

Golden sandals

The golden sandals have that touch of glamor What you need to stand out during the summer. We don't want you to give up making your looks shine like never before.

Women's buckled sandals

Our women's buckled sandals feature that modern and eye-catching design necessary to add a point of urban and contemporary style to your outfits.

Strappy sandals

The strappy sandals BOBO'S they have a minimalist and delicate design. These sandals are ideal for creating fresh, summery looks, and super feminine!

Studded sandals

Studded sandals are synonymous with attitude and cool. These are perfect to stand out and add a touch of rebellion to your look. And the best thing, they look ideal!