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How to combine wide jeans? 6 different ways to wear this trend


Knowing how to combine the new trend of wide jeans will make you enjoy this new comfortable and at the same time very stylish fashion. These pants have become the coolest trend of the moment. Its casual silhouette is the most seen in street style due to their versatility and the infinite possibilities they offer. We are sure that you will feel very stylish in these jeans.

The good news is that, in addition to being comfortable, They look good with almost any type of footwear, which offers you endless possibilities. You can wear them with casual shoes (facilities), office (heeled shoes), summer (sandals), with Parisian airs (Ballerinas) and many other models. We are going to show you the best tricks and tips so that you can get the most out of it. Are you ready?

Combine women's wide jeans: the trend you can't turn your back on

Combining wide women's jeans may seem complicated at first, but nothing could be further from the truth. The versatility of these chic pants is total., so we recommend that you not turn your back on looks that have baggy jeans as the protagonists. With this garment you can create casual, urban, elegant outfits… Furthermore, all of them have uniqueness as a common denominator, and they will not go unnoticed! So they are an alternative to take into account.

How to combine wide jeans? Different widths, lengths and colors for 6 outfits

Let's get to what's important! These are the 6 outfits that we show you in BOBO'S so you can get inspired and know how to combine wide jeans. We are sure that if you put them into practice, you will feel more stylish and fashionable than ever.

Wide straight-cut jeans and metallic accessories: silver obsession

The combination of wide, straight-cut jeans with metallic accessories creates a striking and modern style. The comfort of jeans with the shine and elegance of metallic accessories, achieve a very sophisticated looks. We are sure that you are going to become the center of attention with this outfit and with the Ballerinas 1950 Cat Silver Burgundy, Ballerinas 1950 Isabella Silver, Or the Audrey Silver.

Balloon cut and yellow jeans: citrus touch

Balloon-cut jeans combined with yellow tones add a unique touch to your style. You will have plenty of personality. This combination achieves a outfit full of energy and color, perfect to stand out on any occasion with a modern and youthful air. We love the Ballerinas 1950 Lima and My Mom Lima Ballerinas for spring and summer.

Mid-leg jeans and boots: a field day

Mid-calf jeans combined with camping boots They are reminiscent of that ideal style for a picnic. This choice offers comfort and functionality, These boots add a rustic and country touch, creating an ideal look to enjoy the outdoors with a lot of style. The Charlie Boots Hazelnut, Sienna Boots Black and Sienna Boots Cherry They are ideal for this great look!

wide jeans and black ballerinas: classic combination and French style

If you prefer to risk less, baggy jeans and our Micaela Black ballerinas They are a classic combination that never goes out of style. This provides the balance you need between comfort and elegance. Don't give up on this one versatile and timeless look which is perfect for numerous occasions.

wide jeans and sandals: show your feet!

The combination of wide jeans with sandals is a perfect way to show off your feet with style and comfort. This great look is ideal for the warmest and sunniest days, since it is a very fresh and casual option. With our Black Milos Sandals or our Santorini Nude Sandals You will be able to highlight your femininity and freedom of movement, we like them a lot!

wide jeans and plunging neckline ballet flats: stylize your legs

Finally, you will get another of the great looks by combining wide jeans with ballerinas with a pronounced neckline. This is a great way to style your legs and add a touch of elegance. With our Ballerinas 1950 Nude Rose and our Ballerinas 1950 Copper Gray You will be able to visually lengthen your legs, and you will achieve a very sophisticated appearance. We recommend it!

How to combine wide-leg women's jeans: tips and tricks

In addition to the 6 outfit ideas that we have shown you, and that seem ideal to us, we also have for you the best tips and tricks so you know how to combine wide leg jeans for women.

  • Baggy pants can make your lower body look fuller, so you'll need to balance the proportions wearing tighter clothing on top.
  • On the other hand, we recommend you experiment with different heights for wide jeans to find the height and rise that best suits your body and style.
  • Play with layers to add dimension to your outfit. We recommend you innovate and take risks in this sense. You can try with a sweatshirt, jacket or a long cardigan.
  • I bet you accessories as belts, jewels to add a touch of glamour, or handkerchiefs to achieve a more bohemian and casual style.
  • Lastly, try prints and textures. Combine them with garments of this type to create more interesting and sophisticated looks.

Give your wide leg jeans as many lives as you want and combine them in a thousand different ways. We are sure that you will create amazing looks! En BOBO'S we have the Ballerinas and footwear most ideal to add the definitive touch to your outfit. Choose your BOBO'S and become the center of attention. We are looking forward to seeing you in this Special Mini-webinar!


| By Bobo's Team

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How to combine wide jeans? 6 different ways to wear this trend

Knowing how to combine the new trend of wide jeans will make you enjoy this new comfortable and at the same time very stylish fashion. These pants have become the coolest trend of the moment. Its casual silhouette is...

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