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The green dress is still a trend and we are going to suggest some ways to combine it with style.


For some years now, green has become the most successful color for dresses and they say that we should all have one as a wardrobe staple.

We are aware that Combining a green dress with shoes and a bag is not always easy, and that's why at Bobo's we want to help you get the accessories right.

to complete your look with style.

There are as many shades of green as there are options to combine them. Below we make some recommendations that range from an unexpected successful mix with fuchsia tones, cowboy boots, or even giving it a more casual style with sneakers.  

How to combine a green dress?

How to combine a green dress to feel beautiful is something that worries more than one of us. In fact, a green dress lends itself to numerous combinationsThat is, you can include various accessories (bags, shoes, jewelry...) in your look, whether you are looking for harmony or if your intention is to achieve a vibrant contrast. What does seem fundamental to us is the color of the accessories. As you know, green is not a simple color, so This aspect must be taken into account.

What color to combine a green dress with?

The color with which to combine a green dress varies depending on the shade of your dress, but we can generalize talking about sure success if we combine it with earth tones, both in plain colors and their metallic versions. 

If your dress is light green, you can experiment with pastel colors, makeup, pinks or brighter tones that make it stand out.

At Bobo's we recommend this last option because one of our favorite mixes is, without a doubt, the combination of a green dress and pink accessories.

What do you think? Do you like the combination with these fuchsia ballerinas and with the lolita velvet ballerinas?

Source: Street Style (Pinterest)

Combine green with different shoes: 1 green dress, a multitude of styles

Below we tell you how a single green dress can have a multitude of styles just by changing the color or style of the shoes.

You will always look elegant and you will get a lot of juice out of that dress that you like so much, because as the saying goes "he who dares to be beautiful in green considers himself beautiful".

Casual style: Green dress and sneakers

Let's start with the simplest and most comfortable option for everyday life: green dress and sneakers. One of the best shoes for a green dress are sneakers, at Bobo's we suggest you our  white sneakers with gold touches. This combination is ideal and you can go elegant but informal and, above all, you can walk from morning until dusk.


Source: Street Style (Pinterest)

Another option if you are passionate about casual looks are sneakers, which are also back in fashion. Our proposal is to combine your green dress with these savana sneakers or with the ocean sneakers. Another alternative is perfect for everyday use. We love them!

Source: Street Style (Pinterest)

Boho-chic: Green dress and cowboy boots

If what you are looking for is a more bohemian look, also you can combine a green dress with these black cowboy boots. In 2024, this shoe continues to be a hit and for spring it is perfect to combine with dresses and start showing our legs.

Source: Street Style (Pinterest)

Sophisticated look with metallic shoes

They say that gold accessories help us combine with everything and as it could not be less, with green they look perfect. In this case we believe that the gold color is the best to give that sophisticated touch to your green dress. The classic glitter ballerinas or micaela gold ballerinas These are just two examples in this sense. Perfect for any look!

Source: Street Style (Pinterest)

Combine green dress with shoes and bag: tips and tricks

These are the Tricks and tips that you can't lose sight of combine a green dress with shoes and bag.

  1. Consider the shade of green. Opt for the elegance of neutrals, especially for more formal commitments. And dare with complementary colors like the fuchsia that we proposed in our first look, if you want to create a vibrant and attractive contrast.
  2. Experiment with prints. At Bobo's we believe that Leopard is that print that goes with everything and in this case it couldn't be any other way. Bring out your wildest side with any of our Animal Print models, they will go perfect with your green dress.
  3. Be careful with saturation. Look for balance so that your outfit is elegant and not overwhelming.
  4. Consider the occasion what you are dressing for. For example, for informal events, you can opt for sneakers to offset the prominence of the dress.
  5. As well, you must try on your outfit before the event. Before you head out, be sure to try on the entire outfit to check that the colors and styles complement each other appropriately. This will give you the confidence you need.
  6. Lastly, trust your personal style. In this way, we are sure that you will always succeed.
Source: Street Style (Pinterest)

How to combine a green dress for a wedding?

When you attend a wedding in a green dress, it is essential to take into account the formality of the event. Opt for more elegant accessories, such as a clutch bag and heeled shoes without giving up comfort. Our 20s style Gatsby model is a very elegant option that you will be sure to get right. Furthermore, the 4 shades we have are perfect to combine with green. Take a look at the models telma, lili, daisy y tapir.

With these tips, you will be prepared to wear an elegant green dress and give it the style you need for every occasion.

And remember, The most important thing is that you have fun experimenting and discovering your own style.. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about our Ballerinas or about the rest of our footwear, we are happy to assist you. We want to see how your green dress looks on you with these recommendations, we would love to receive your photos!


| By Bobo's Team

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