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How to combine red tights to wear the winter trend with style


Red tights have arrived to dethrone the now classic and eternal black tights. According to experts, this striking bet will be one that makes a difference in style this season.

At the moment it seems like a microtrend for the most daring, but If you know how to combine them, they are the perfect ally to go like a true stylist.

Why is it a trend to wear red socks?

The fever for red has been on the rise for several months now, bags, coats and accessories, to the point that now it is the socks that are dyed this color. Fashion experts say that, after black, it is one of the most special colors for fashion. Who doesn't know the iconic Louboutin soles or, of course, Valentino red?

Red is no longer a secondary color, but we have seen it as the protagonist and combined from head to toe. The most desired shoes of the season are also red, and that's why en Bobo's We always have several models in this tone: our model Miss Red, with toe Cat Pillory or to knot the Iggy Cherry

And of course they will be the perfect ally for that TOTAL RED LOOK: red socks + matching shoe.

Looks with red tights

Below we suggest how to wear them with different styles.

Elegance in the Office

We can combine this red tights trend in an elegant and discreet way, to go to work.

Satin skirt or suit pants

Satin skirts in neutral tones such as black, white or beige are ideal for a work look and also combine perfectly with red tights. In order not to steal the spotlight from the tights and not complicate the look, we recommend combining the skirt with a basic color. Leandra Medine's looks with red tights are very fun and this one with a satin skirt will inspire you.

Photo: @leandramedine

You can too combine the tights with the typical men's tailoring, thus giving a modern twist to a traditional outfit.

Photos: Pinterest & Instagram Street Style

Neutral colored blouse or shirt

Combining red with a neutral color total look is always a safe bet. Here we give you an idea of ​​how to combine our heel Miss Red, with matching stockings and a white dress.

All red

If you are a lover of red and want something more impressive, we encourage you to combine your red tights with a skirt, dress or pants of the same tone. J.Play with different shades and add depth to the set, it's the Perfect Match!

Casual and Chic Outfit

Also combine your tights with casual looks:

Jeans (blue or black)

Why not wear red tights under your jeans? If you are one of those who usually wear jeans every day and want to give them a special touch, wear red tights and you will see that the look is completely different!

A black blazer

The key piece to elevate your outfit is a black blazer. This timeless piece adds a touch of sophistication and structure to the look, transforming it from casual to chic. The contrast between the blazer and the red tights creates a stylized balance that will not go unnoticed.

If you choose an oversized version, you can even wear it as a dress.

And combined with our Iggy Black, they will be the perfect look!

Bohemian style

Why not give a touch of color to a bohemian look. The new Boho – Chic also accepts this trend and you can combine your favorite boots with this color of socks.

Our proposal is with our Black Jacket.

When to wear red socks? Special events

The red trend also reaches the most special events. This season you have one more ally to highlight. It is clear that red tights can be worn in an elegant, sophisticated way and will also give you personality.

Combined with pink and fuchsia tones they are our favorite proposal.

What shoes do red socks go with?

It is clear that there is no strict rule for this, and what seems impossible becomes stylish when we mix shoe colors with red socks.

Red and pink: The couple of the year

Red and pink have emerged as the fashion couple of the year, challenging conventions and creating vibrant looks. The fusion of these two tones creates a striking and modern visual harmony. From catwalks to street style, the trend of combining red and pink has conquered hearts and has become a symbol of bold and elegant style. Our suggestion is to combine red socks with Miss Nude or our delicate Lolita Peony.

Red and black: Safe bet

The classic combination of red and black is consolidated as a safe bet and stylish wear. This timeless pair offers a blend of elegance, sophistication and a touch of drama. Whether in an evening dress, a casual outfit or accessories, the fusion of red and black guarantees a striking and versatile style. Combine red and black with Iggi Black.

Red and Leopard: Love at first sight

The combination of red and leopard print is an irresistible story of love at first sight in the world of fashion. The intensity of red merges in a surprising way with the boldness and elegance of leopard print, creating a duo that captures attention and awakens passion for fashion. Whether in dresses, accessories or even shoe details, this balanced mix of classic and wild adds a touch of glamor and confidence to any look. How do you see combining tights with 1950 LEO?

Red and Red: Perfect Match

And yes, we already said it before. Red on red is presented as the "perfect match" in the color palette, creating a strong and passionate visual impact. This monochromatic combination not only reflects boldness, but also classic elegance. From darker tones to vibrant reds, playing with different shades in the same outfit adds depth and style. Whether in a dress, suit or casual ensemble, doubled red becomes a confident and powerful fashion statement. Feel unique with Miss Red.

Ultimately, Combining red tights well is a new way to show that you have style. As we always say, being daring does not have to be synonymous with losing elegance. Red stockings and the special touch, with your Bobo's favorites! 


| By Bobo's Team

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